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D31 Art Gallery
Summer exhibition 2021 “Our Changing World”

Bringing art to the heart of the community.

The D31 art Gallery seeks works by artists from around the world inspired by “our changing world” for our 2021 annual summer exhibition. We passionately promote the works of emerging and established artists working in different visual arts media including, painting, drawing, print, sculpture, photography, ceramics. Works selected through the open submission process make up around 70% of the exhibition with the rest of the artworks from D31 art gallery members.
There will be 2 selections as follows: 

Online exhibition:
The selected artists will have their work exhibited online only:

​Gallery Exhibition:
The selected artists will have their work exhibited online but will also be invited to exhibit in our beautiful gallery space in Doncaster.

25 Selected artists will have their works presented at an international auction via our partner auction house Chalkwell auctions.

Entry Deadline: 09 July 2021 Midnight  View Entry Requirements

Preselection Completed
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Entering Online

We have tried to make the entry process as easy as possible but the Internet sometimes baffles the best of us. Luckily help is at hand, if you experience any technical problems using the OESS system then please contact Andy on marc@oess.uk and he'll try to help you as much as possible.
Please Note: Enquiries regarding the 'Call to artists' rules and exhibition info should be directed to the exhibition organisers, whose email can be found in the left hand column.


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